We welcome you in the new website of K. Christantoni Bros UN LTD


Welcome at the new website of Christantoni Bros UN LTD

 We began in 1924 with a traditional tavern that with the time became acquaintance for his homemade dishes and his well drink wine. Our "secret" was the combination of choice of right must with the maturation of our wine in good oak barrels.

Our love for our wine led to the next step. Develop our big "secret" making it widely known.

Progressively, the needs, so much ours as long as the private individuals and winemakers for effective vinification they prompted us in the import of oak barrels.

The K. Christantoni Bros UN LTD imports exclusive oak barrels of wine from 1980, new and handled, from the queen of the good wine, France. We collaborate with appreciable and effective as for the quality and the output cooperages of France with regard to the new barrels, as well as with distinguished wine industries of the country in the field of used barrels.

Our love for the wine, our long last experience and our successful presence in the space the last 30 years constitute for us our seal of guarantee.

The confidence in our knowledge will lead you as private individual you enjoy good wine, while as professional ensuring in your wine quality and particularity.