Preparation & maintenance of a wooden barrel

Preparation and maintainance of a new barrel befor the vinification:

  1. Fill the barrel with cold water
  2. Leave it full for 48 hours
  3. Empty the barrel, rinse immediatelly with cold water and leave it strained.

If you observe the least escape (leak) you follow the following directives:

  1. Fill the barrel with very hot water (boiled) in proportion of 15% of barrel's capacity.
  2. Bring up the barrel so that takes shape in the interior of the barrel hot steam.
  3. Bring up the barrel circularly 8-10 times and lift off 15 minutes from each side.
  4. After you certify that it does not exist escape of steam from the barrel, empty and rinse with cold water so that the wood comes back in it's natural temperature.
  5. Place the barrel with the hole down so that it will be completely strained.

Preparation and maintainance of used/handled barrel:

  1. Rinse continuously with cold water until the barrel's water bocomes clean.
  2. Fill the barrel with cold water for 12 hours in order that the wood takes the requires humidity.
  3. After you empty from cold water, boil water in proportion of 15% af barrel's capacity and place it in the barrel. Bring up so that is created steam ann leave it for 20 minutes roughly.
  4. Rinse the barrel with cool water of tap so that comes back the wood in its natural temperature.
  5. Use pastille of sulphur burning in the interior of barrel for sure disinfection.


Attention! This process becomes always until two days before the refill of barrel with the new wine.

When you empty the barrel, the safest way of its storage is to keep it in cool place and burn in the interiot of barrel a sulphur pastille every two months for the reject of mushroom (intensification).

For any advice for the use and the washing of barrels, new or use (handled), we will be glad to to provide you our know-how.